plan retirement benefits w advisor

We offer an independent approach to evaluating retirement plans

We offer open-architecture plans that provide better solutions and more options that work for the plan’s goal. We do not offer propriety products or solutions that are found in most bundled plans, and work with industry leading third-party administrators (TPAs) and recordkeepers.

The Process

Our team starts with an evaluation of the company’s objectives in developing a retirement plan and providing options that fit the corporation, the company owner, and the employees.

We work together with you to help answer the best designed plan for your business:

  • Are you acting in accordance with your plan documents?
  • How are your plan participants faring?
  • How are participants’ investments allocated?
  • Are your employees getting the best, unbiased financial education?
  • Are the investment fees your participants pay reasonable?
  • Does your plan have the right investment menu of options?
  • Does your target-date fund (TDF) match your participant demographics?
  • What are participants doing with their accounts when they leave your company?

We work with clients to review all employer-based and personal-based retirement options to implement the correct plan. Three main categories of retirement plans:


  • For Business – The following types of accounts are used depending upon the choice of the owner and employees if any. Each are very different and have specific uses.
  • SEP-IRA – Simplified Employee Pension
  • SIMPLE – Savings Incentive Match Plans for Employees
  • For Personal – The following types of accounts are used by the individual for their personal use. The use of each is dependent on the tax bracket and other needs of the individual.
  • Traditional IRA – Individual Retirement Arrangements, Tax-deferred
  • ROTH IRA – ROTH Individual Retirement Arrangements, Tax-free
  • Rollover IRA – A Rollover IRA account is used when assets are transferred from an existing tax deferred account to another tax deferred account.
  • Inherited IRA – An inherited IRA is a transfer from a spouse, parent, or another person designated as a beneficiary.
  • Coastal Financial is a member of Ed Slott’s Elite IRA Advisor Group.

Defined Benefit

  • Historically referred to as a “pension,” the defined benefit plan is a plan funded by the company and available to all employees.

Defined Contribution

  • 401(k) – The most popular type of plan in companies today. The employee funds the investment and pays the fee to manage the plan.
  • 403(b) – This is used in the non-profit environment such as hospitals and tax-exempt organizations.
  • Profit Sharing – A popular plan that permits a discretionary employer contribution when profits are available for distribution. No set amount is required by law.
  • Money Purchase – These plans have required contributions by the employer in each year for plan participants.