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Our investment philosophy is simple:

  • Invest in what you understand.
  • Keep costs low.
  • Keep trading to a minimum.
  • Keep the standards high.
  • And most importantly, act and behave as a fiduciary.

The financial plan provides the information necessary to understand the client’s goals and objectives for the investable assets. 

Custom investment portfolios and strategic asset allocation help to maintain practical performance. Portfolios are aligned with client’s goals and are allocated to achieve the best performance based on economic and geo-political environments. 

Investment portfolios are managed in a manner that is best to achieve investment goals, but also reduce unnecessary taxes. A passive management approach with a touch of active management and diversification with regard to geography, asset class and style are all considered with custom portfolios. We construct a portfolio to meet your investment needs by implementing the tools and practices of Dimensional Funds, founded by Eugene Fama, University of Chicago Professor and Nobel Prize Winner.